Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Date Coincidence

Wednesday, June 3, 2009
There have been a lot of date coincidence in my life. It all started with my parent's anniversary..2/2..a date with the same number as the month...Then, it happens that my dad's birthday falls on 4/4 and my mum's 7/7...That's triple date with the same number as the month in my family!!...Well, if that's not enough, my aunt, which is my mum's younger sister was born on 7/7 as well...Woah!!..and then of cause 3 of us sisters were born..My elder sister was born on 27/10...So happen, my younger sister was also born on the same date after a few years!!..Maybe this explains why they get along so well..^^...I was born on 13/2...Valentine's Day Eve...and my best friend of almost 12 years was born on 24/12...Christmas Eve...I always consider it a coincidence that both of us are born on an eve of some day..That's why we are pretty close to each other...Hmm..i wonder whether i will have more date coincidence in the future..haha..=P


Dalton ~ 小白 said...

haha dun forget I'm the 0505 one~

Lynette said...

ohh..ya hohh..i almost 4gt..haha..

Zh3n Zh3n said...

cool...almost av thing same date..some fall on eve^^

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