Saturday, June 6, 2009

How i spend my day

Saturday, June 6, 2009
It's a public holiday today - King's Birthday. I was dreaming in my sleep when suddenly my mum woke me up. It was about 10 minutes before 10. So i force myself out of bed and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth..etc..After that, i ate my breakfast. Dad bought roasted pork rice or simply known as 'char siew' rice..haha. Mum make me a cup of Neslo..yum..^^..Soon after having my breakfast, i took my bath then my family and i head to Tesco supermarket because mum wanted to do some grocery shopping. I manage to buy some magazines after asking for some money from Daddy..haha..(that is because i don't have any money with me at that about 12.30 pm we finish shopping. We went home to put our things then head for the next destination of the day - Dad's friend ( Datuk Shafie ) house for his son wedding. Ate our lunch, nasi Briyani there. Not forgetting, i manage to catch a glimpse of Selangor 'Menteri Besar' as he was invited too...=D..Then, Dad took us to Kelanang Beach to have a look. Saw many people camping there. To me, it's the same as Morib Beach...nothing special..haha..We went to take a look at the newly built matriculation college at Jugra too. It was not complete yet but the area was very big. I think it looks bigger than my previous college, JMC. Whoever got a place to study there is lucky..=P..It was about 2 something already by that time so we head home. Next activity?..Mum decided to bake a cake. My sister and i made what i call, tomato pickles..haha...we cut small tomatoes in half and put small piece of prunes and 'asam' inside..Dad and Mum went for wedding dinner tonight so it's only left with my sister and i at home. I had instant porridge for dinner and peach yogurt for dessert..^^..It's going to be 9pm soon..Going to watch my all time favourite Grey's Anatomy...and later Beauty and the Geek..can't wait for it because today's episode is Makeover!!..=D. Well, that is how i spend my day today..


Anonymous said...

hey hey lynette, cute blog..
hehe keep it up! love the foods LOL!

Dalton ~ 小白 said...

to arrange the pics, simply juz drag the pics to the position you wish oni~haha cute blog~

Lynette said...

ohh..ya ar??..
i tried but can't le..
tot of asking u tat day but u r nt on9..haha..

Karyan said...

Hello Lynette! :) Cute blog!

Lynette said...

Thx Karyan..^^

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