Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009
Exam is over at last!! Felt relieved but at the same time i am quite worried about the results. Anyway, not going to think about it now. I am just going to enjoy the weekends before i start to get busy again. Today is the first day of my relaxing weekend. Went to Times Square with my coursemates straight after exam today. Initially i planned to watch The Proposal but ended up watching UP instead because The Proposal was only left with one slot and the time was too late for us. Well, it was just ok. I love the little kid. He was sooooo cute..lolz..

Before that, we went to have our lunch at Gasoline Cafe. It was my first time there. The scenery was nice and so was the food. I ordered Cheezy Fried Rice and a drink called Eternal Fire Flame today. It costs me RM18 plus tax but i am satisfied as the food and drink both taste quite good..^^..I will definitely be going back for more next time..lolz

It was truly a nice outing as i felt really relax after having to go through exam stress this few days. Thanks to shi rou, ying yin, choo er and shiau sing for the wonderful time!!..^_^

To end this post, i attached a picture i like the most. It was captured by Ying Yin. Nice picture don't you think?..hehe

- I don't know why there's a huge space down here again..=.=ll..anyone can tell me how to reduce the space??-

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