Saturday, August 29, 2009

First time wearing contact lens experience

Saturday, August 29, 2009
Today was a nice day..Daddy went to sis's hostel to pick both of us up..Stopped by a restaurant called Hong Kee Dim Sum for some breakfast..The dim sum was just ok but it just feels good to be having it my family members..It's been a while since i last did that..^^
10 something i reached my home sweet home..Online for a while and then went to my grandparent's house for lunch..My grandmother made her specialty today - Popiah..hehe..I just ate one though cause i am still full that time..
Soon after that, i went to an optical shop to buy contact lens..It was my first time wearing it so the shop assistant teached me how to use it..Gosh!! It was hard!! Basically i had to keep my eye open and stick the contact lens inside, but i was so afraid every time i touched my eyeball so i kept blinking..Furthermore,water kept coming out from my eyes and i had to use tissue to absorb it..haha..I told myself i can and i kept on trying a few times..well, quite a lot of times i guess..haha...A few times, i almost got it but then i panicked and closed my eyes too fast so it came out again..=.=ll...After a few try, i managed to put it in!!..woohoo!!..I was so happy..Well, first it doesn't feel quite right and my eyes feel kinda painful but after some time i felt better..I still need to get used to it though..Look kinda weird without my spectacles..haha..Just hope that i will be able to wear it easily soon and most importantly feel comfortable wearing it..^^

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