Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sick Of it!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009
I am so sick of it!! Fighting merits just for a place in college keep making me in a dilemma state. At least for now, since i am having dance practices quite often. So, i can expect compulsory college activities to clash with my dance practices. I am so tired of worrying of the consequences of not going for compulsory college activities everytime i have to go for dance practices. Whatmore with my first exam at Uni coming soon, i felt really stress. Everyone will say, manage your time and you will be ok. Some will say it is worth it to be so busy because of Pesta Tanglung? Yeah, sometimes i wonder whether i make the right decision accepting the challenge to be a dancer for PT. To me, it is a once in a lifetime experience and this is the only time i can participate in such activities. After i enter my second year, i don't think i will be that free anymore so i really want to join as many activities that i enjoyed doing as much as i can now. However, a lot of sacrifices have to be made especially my time and holidays. So, when i am over-exhausted, i asked myself why am i letting myself go through this? Is it really worth sacrificing? Maybe it is. I just need to be strong and have more determination and also some support to carry on with what i have started. I can't and i won't be giving up because i am half way there already. God, please give me the strength to go through it..


joey said...

NO, you did not made any wrong decision because i know u really love to be the PT dancer. Just believe in yourself and stay strong. I don't really believe in god. Anyway, even god does exit, you don't need one as you already have the strength you need. Just have to believe. As you say, you already half way there. Soon, maybe even sooner than you think,dream will come true. Gambateh!! Super dancer! Can't wait to see you on the stage. But this doesn't mean that you no need to study for exam yea...^^

Lynn said...

hei..stumbled upon ur blog..
i believe u did not make d wrong decision to enter PT.. i was a PT dancer as wel last yr..although it was tedious to handle studies, PT practices n d 'fight' for merits; d experience u gt frm PT wil b a vry memorable one.. i've been thru it n so can u.. once u hv d passion for somethin, nothing's gonna stop u frm doin it.. n it's true tat ur 1st yr wil b d best time 4 u 2 join.. keep up d work n waitin to c u perform during PT..

trust me, His Strength is more den sufficient to keep u thru..d things tat He can do is far more than u can expect..jz hv faith in Him ya.. God bless.. =)

Lynette Tan Jen Ni said...

Thanks a lot Joey and Lynn..Really appreciate it..^^

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