Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Sunday which don't feel like a Sunday...@@

Sunday, August 9, 2009
Daddy called this morning at about 20 minutes to 12pm. Only then i woke up. Without the call, i don't know how long i will be sleeping..haha..After that, i went to the cafe to buy my lunch - nasi ayam. I was very hungry since i did not eat my dinner yesterday and i used up all my energy in the dance practice. Next thing i do? Online of cause..haha..Tried to study but haiz...i cannot concentrate on what i am studying. Don't know why my mind can't seems to absorb the notes i am reading...>.<..I cannot afford to be like this everytime. Mid-sem exam coming in 2 weeks and i have dancers camp a few days before it!! That means i don't have much time to study so i really need to start studying now!! I have to push myself!! REALLY!!
At about 7pm, my family reached my Uni to visit me. They brought me some of the stuffs i needed since i won't be going back that often anymore this few months. My dinner tonight was fried noodles and lychee milk pudding, all made by my grandmother..yum,yum..i miss my hometown, my family, my mother's cooking..etc..Can't wait to be back again..>.<..While i was eating, Jia Hui, my neighbour came into my room to give me the 'siew pau' she bought.So,tonight for dinner, i ate 3 things!! OMG!!

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