Saturday, August 29, 2009

Supper Buffet @ JOGOYA

Saturday, August 29, 2009
Went for supper buffet at Jogoya with my sis and her friends yesterday night. The queue was super long when we reached there. Luckily, my sis's friend had already book a room for us earlier so we can skipped the queue..Phew!!..Well, the food was just ok..Not up to my expectations..I targeted mostly desserts as they look really tempting..haha..There were simply a lot of choices but i didn't manage to try all as i am very full by the time i had my 2nd or 3rd round..However, i really like the atmosphere and the way they served food there..It was cooling and relaxing..By the time i reached my sister's hostel room at UM, it was almost 2am already..Gosh!!..What's next?? I climb up to my sister's bed and sleep until the morning arrives!!..haha..
Here are some of the pictures i managed to take..As you can see, most are desserts..lolz..Just uploaded part of it here..More pictures at my FACEBOOK!!

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