Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Family Vacation @ Bukit Tinggi,Pahang

Tuesday, September 1, 2009
Went for a vacation with my family and relatives on the 30th and 31st of August. Only one word to describe the trip - AWESOME!! Departed from home at about 9.30am and reached Pahang at 11 something. We stopped by Bentong, Pahang for lunch and then headed to an ice-cream shop for dessert. The food was really yummy!!..lolx..After that, dad drove us further up the hill to our destination - Colmar Tropicale..The view was simply awesome!! It looks just like a french village. We checked into our hotel. Our room has two room and there was a small plight of stairs leading to the second room. After resting for a while, we went down for a walk around the place taking photos while enjoying the view. We stumbled upon a caricature stall and my cousins and i had ourselves drawn by the artist...It was kind of interesting..hehe..We then headed to a shop where they sell all sorts of mould for us to paint. My sisters and i choose a big mould - a couple with an umbrella to paint while my two other cousins chose a baby girl and pokemon. Spend quite a few hours there painting. It was quite fun though..^^...Soon after that, we went to have dinner at my aunt's room, headed back to our room for a bath then came down again to watch a show. The breakdance performance was superb!! Second day, woke up at 8 something then headed down to the cafe for breakfast buffet. After that, we walked around the place again admiring the scenery and took photos for memory before we checked out. We then took a shuttle bus to the Japanese Tea Village and Botanical Garden. At the Japanese Tea Village, I managed to try on a kimono, a red one..hehe..Took a lot of photos there with the kimono i am wearing..Really nice experience..Next, we went to the Botanical Garden..It was tiring having to climb so many stairs..phew!!..After that, we went to Rabbit Park. There was quite a number of rabbits and they were all sooooooooooo cute..lolz..One of the priceless memories that happen there was seeing my cousin, Justin playing with the rabbits. He was so happy and kept laughing all the way.Last destination, KLCC. We went there for some dim sum. Mmmm..Yummy!!..^^..Did some shopping after that, bought a purse and some bread and then i am back to my hostel. What a great way to end my weekend!! I truly enjoyed every moment i had with my family and relatives this 2 days. It was simply priceless and memorable. Will be looking forward to more trips like this in the future.
P/S : Photos will be uploaded later at my Facebook and Friendster coz there's a lot!!

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