Sunday, October 4, 2009

3 October 2009...A date to remember..

Sunday, October 4, 2009
After so much hard work, tears and sacrifices, it's finally over. It was a great and awesome night. The night before, the full rehearsal was bad. I can see the teachers were disappointed with us as well as we ourselves. After the teachers left, most of us cried. That night was a total blow for us as we will be performing the next day. On performance day itself, we gathered at 7am to practice. It was a miracle when the teachers were quite satisfied with us. Soon after that, we went backstage..Took a short nap to regain my energy then get ready for makeup session..lolz..
The applause, the support we get from all who came to see our performance was simply powerful. I think it makes each of us even more confident. I am sure everyone did their best and was satisfied.
There was a few touching moments for me yesterday. First, it was when the dancers and actors were asked to gather around in a circle. Then, one by one the teachers talked about their feelings and also gave us encouragement. I cried with my makeup on and i was like controlling my tears from coming out coz i am afraid it might smear my makeup. In the end, tears still roll..I just couldn't control myself from crying when we hugged each other giving each other support. Before the performance i received a few sms from my friends wishing me good luck and all the best. The most unexpected was getting good luck wishes from 'him'. It was a total suprise..haha..The third and final suprise was when some of my seniors and coursemates actually went up on stage during the finale to give me flowers. Wow..this was totally unexpected. I was kinda speechless and shocked at the moment. I just kept saying thank you over and over again..hahaha..Even my dad came up on stage to look for me. The funniest part was when he couldn't recognised me when i went to tap his shoulder. His expression was like 'erm..who are you?' and then when i talked only he realised...hahahha...
Joining PT as a performer was a superb experience. Although the process was hard but the end product was simply awesome. It feels great to be part of this great production. The memories made were totally priceless!! Giving me the chance, i would like to join again but i don't know whether i will have time for that as i know i will be getting really busy with my studies starting from next year. What a great way to spend my first sem at uni!!
P/S : Photos will be uploaded later at facebook...Be sure to have a look there ya..hehe..


firefly said...

gal , glad tat u enjoy being dancer in pt. reli hope we can still keep in touch~


Lynette Tan Jen Ni said...

Yeah..i really enjoyed it..If there's chance, hopefully we can all meet again..keep in touch oways!!

alexis said...

haha,surprise leh..good job!!.we also hv a hard time to recognize u during ur performance though~

Lynette Tan Jen Ni said...

hehe..thanks oo..really make me so suprised and touch..haha,even my dad oso can't recognised me tat day la..lolz

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