Friday, October 30, 2009

Biscuits and Kopi O..=)

Friday, October 30, 2009
It's 10 in the morning..Just had my breakfast..Biscuits and 'kopi O' I made myself..It's so simple but nice..yums..=)
What to do today?...Hmm...what else?..Revise for the next paper of course!!..duh!!..So boring and have to continue reading the boring Hubungan Etnik again..>.<..Hopefully i can finish a big part of it today..
Daddy is coming to fetch me back in a few hours time..Going to have lunch with him, pay a visit to my grandmother who is still in IJN ( hope she get well soon ), then going to UM to fetch my sis..Hmm..a lot of time will be wasted today with all these travel so i need to grab hold of the time left to revise!!
Well, that's all for this post..Actually i just felt like typing so i came up with this post..haha..=P

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