Saturday, October 24, 2009

Obsessed with You..=P

Saturday, October 24, 2009
Queen of No Marriage, a Taiwan drama series i watched just now while holding my Language Development book..haha...Well, i did study a bit while watching though but how many percent did i absorb?? idea...haha..Ok, not talking about studies here..It's been stressful
ღ¤*♥ My Prince Charming..=P ღ¤*♥
People are usually obsessed with the main actor but in my case, i am obsessed with the supporting actor instead...haha..I think i am in love with him..with who? With Wen Sheng Hao who plays Leslie Sung Yun Hao @ Senior Yun Hao in the drama. Oh my...he's so cool, handsome + cute, has a great body, tall, macho and the list goes on...Aww..i guess i am truly obsessed with him already..lolx..If only i can find a guy like him in reality, life would be perfect..haha..( gosh!! i am dreaming again!!..=P)

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