Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009
1. Hubungan Etnik Paper...Great!! Only a few past year questions came out today..I think only 10% of it were past year questions..=.=...So basically, a lot of it involves simple guessing based on logic..Hopefully, the guessing will be enough for me to get good marks...>.<
2. Finally, it's 6 down..1 more paper to go but it's next tuesday..Argh!!..It's good and bad in a way..It's good because that means there's more time to study...It's bad because it's torturing to see my friends who finish their exams today relaxing while i can't yet...duh!!..Next tuesday will be phonetics paper..One of the subject that i still have trouble understanding..All the symbols, transcribing, voice production, the pronounciation...ugh!!!..i don't like it!!..>.<..I have 4 days to revise everything and hopefully it will be enough...
3. It's all still about the holidays...I want my holidays to arrive faster. I need a break. I want to relax. I can't wait for the day to come where i can finally shout ''Hooray!! Exam's over!!"..and i know my blog is becoming increasing boring with all these posts about exams and studies..haha..Will try to make it more interesting later...When i finish my exams!!...lolz..

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