Monday, November 30, 2009

2 movies in a day!!

Monday, November 30, 2009
I watched two movies today. Two different genre where one was fantasy and the other was an animated film. The first one was Twilight Saga : New Moon. Personally, i quite like the movie. The story line was not bad and it's romantic so i guess you know why i like it..lolx..So, am i team Jacob or team Edward? Hmm...Obviously, Edward is the good looking one but i like Jacob's character better. Furthermore, i love the werewolves brothers...OMG!! They are all so hot and handsome!!..haha..Conclusion? I'm in team Jacob..haha..XD
The second movie was Kung Fu Panda. I quite like this one too. It's funny and touching towards the end. It's about a panda called Po who was chosen to be the dragon warrior. The setting was kinda interesting because it was set in a village of animals. So there's pigs, rabbits, tiger and a whole lot more of different animals. All of them were so cute!! I got a saying through this movie and i think it's kinda true. Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is mystery, Today is a gift..^^

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