Friday, November 20, 2009

2012!!! Best Movie Ever!!

Friday, November 20, 2009
Finally, i watched 2012 today..woohoo!!...XD..I almost missed it because the counter guy told us that the tickets were sold out..O.O..Can you imagine that?..We went so early in the morning to get the tickets..The shopping mall had just opened it doors..Feeling so disappointed we walked away..My mind keep thinking..It's totally impossible that the tickets were sold out that early..Yes, people can book online but they won't reserved the whole cinema hall for booking right? They will still reserve some for those who walk-in..Dad asked me what movie to watch instead of 2012 but i just couldn't make up my mind since that's the only movie i have been wanting to watch since it's released..So, we walked up to the counter again..This time it was an Indian lady..Dad asked whether the tickets for 2012 were really sold out or not again..Suprisingly, she said it was still available...My face quickly light up from the disappointment i faced earlier..lolz..XD..I guess the guy who told us that it was sold out is because they don't have the permission to sell it yet..Lucky us, we got early bird discounts with each ticket costing just RM8 and middle seats..Thank God..^^

So..How was the show? I will rate it 10 out of 10!! It was great!! The side effects were awesome..They were so real...Some part of it was really touching and my eyes literally start to fill up with tears..T_T...This movie captures the humanity of people..Some will choose just to save themselves but some will think of others as well..If this really happens, would you be the one who only save yourself or will be the one who think of others as well?..I know it's easy to say when you are not in the situation but seriously, try to ponder on this...Once again, i want to say that it was a superb movie..It's a 2 hour and 40 minutes show but it doesn't felt like it at all..Time seems to pass so fast while watching..It's just like watching a 1 hour plus show...I would recommend this movie to anyone!! For those who haven't watch it, go find a cinema near you and watch it!! It's so worth watching!!..I love it so so much!! I don't mind watching it again if i got the chance..^^

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