Monday, November 2, 2009

Life is Unpredictable...

Monday, November 2, 2009
Just had my brunch a while ago..A cupcake, two pieces of butterscotch bread and some potato chips..That's my brunch..lolx..
As usual, I log into my facebook..Saw my friend's status..I was shocked when i know that his friend just died and it was all out in the newspaper..What a sad news..He was a UTAR student, about the same age as me, enjoying life as a university student..All he wants is just to have some fun with his friends at the waterfall and that costs him his life...It's so not fair isn't it??...Well, i guess that's life...We can never predict the future..We can never know what will happen one day when we wake up..It's all in God's hand..So people, appreciate life and live life to the fullest when you still can..As a conclusion, i just wanna say R.I.P James Khor and his 2 friends who had died with him..although i don't know all of you but i think you deserves to live longer..

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