Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just a simple update..^^

Thursday, November 19, 2009
It's been a few days since i last update my blog..Why? Maybe because there's nothing to blog about @ i am just lazy..hahaha..=P what actually did i do these few days? Well, 1st thing for sure..I am hooked and addicted to Restaurant City, a Facebook application. I can play the whole day trying to earn more money and to increase my level. I must be mad..haha..But don't worry, i won't get mad..I am sure i will get bored of it soon enough..Yeah, i get bored easily so i am constantly finding new things to do..lolz..
Saturday is coming soon..I am still feeling the nerves...Everything is almost done..There's still a liitle bit more to prepare..Hope that it will all go smoothly this Saturday..
Happy news!!..Dad asked me whether i want to watch movie tomorrow...Of coz the answer is yes!!!..lolz...Will be going to the cinema with my dad and my younger sis tomorrow..I am definitely going to watch 2o12!!!...Heard that it's still selling like hot cakes!! Just hope that i will be able to get the tickets coz i have been wanting to watch it since the day it is released...>.<
Oh..and did i mention that i haven touched a single study book since last week?...>.<..I guess i need to start studying a bit soon...I know..holidays are meant for us to relax but i think i need to use the time to least a little...*sigh* mood is so not here..

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