Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009
Today was not the day..Seriously, i don' feel like myself at all..Probably it is due to locking myself in the room the whole day..haha..Roomate went back home so the whole room was pretty quiet..Once in a while, the music from my labtop covers the quietness..haha...Had maggie for dinner..Don't feel like going down to the cafe..Why? Cause my room is in the 4th floor!! Well, i guess that's a good reason..lolx..=P...For once, i think time pass too slow today...*sigh*..Boredom is really getting into me..Can't bring myself to study cause it's really too boring...Study mood is not here at all..
Sitting for my clinical orientation paper tomorrow yet i don't feel prepared..Well, there's really not much to read about..Like the lecturer says, it's all about logic and there's nothing much to study..I hope she is right about that and hopefully i will be able to answer well tomorrow..
Holidays!! Can you please come faster? I need a break!!..Oh..please!!

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