Monday, December 21, 2009

2nd sem started with an unexpected twist..

Monday, December 21, 2009
Today is the first day of my second sem. Well, everything went rather unexpectedly. I expected class to be full like the 1st sem but suprisingly, my first week of class was super free. I have only 1 class today and that's it! I am free for the whole week! Wow! What a good news!!..haha..So, i am back to my sweet home again...O.o
First class today was clinical management by Pn.Yazmin. It was ok but as usual, she will make us talk. She is the type that would want us to talk more than her, to give respond @ to participate in the class. Seriously, i always dreaded her class because of this since i am not the type that is good in socializing. I'm rather reserved and shy so i still find it hard to voice out my opinion sometimes. I guess i am too afraid of getting judged. However, i know that i need to change that. I need to improve on my communication skills coz seriously that's what my course is about. I just need to take away all the "FEAR" within me.
Just like what i expected, we were told that we are going to be given an assignment which will be carried out in groups of 2. That means i am going to get really busy soon..aiks..>.<..She told us a lot about what to expect when we are doing our practical at the clinics. It sounds pretty interesting but scary at the same time. There's so many things to know, to remember, to follow and most importantly, to do. Things will be getting harder and harder. I just hope that i will be able to manage and do everything well.
Time will surely pass swifly. Without realising it, i will be ending my 1st year at uni. No more time can be wasted from today onwards. I no longer want to end in a situation where everything i do felt like last minute. Well, i know it's easy to say but it's definitely not easy to do. The question is : will i have the determination to carry on?. I hope so..>.<

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