Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas, New Year and Studies..

Wednesday, December 30, 2009
Wanted to upload photos from Christmas here but it's taking forever so i gave up..=.=..Christmas this year was a different and meaningful one to me..Different because it's the first time i celebrated it out of my hometown..Spent some time with my family and relatives at was nice..:)))..It's meaningful because i am baptized..I'm now officially a child of God, a Christian and i felt great to have HIM as my personal Saviour..=)...The Christmas celebration does not ends there though..Yesterday, i went to Christmas Nite at SMC here in my uni life..It's the 1st time i sing in a choir and act in a play for Christmas..It was a nice experience that i will remember forever..^^
One more day left and a new year will be here. I have class until till 8pm tomorrow but who cares? I am still going back..Dad say he's coming to fetch me after class..I'm so happy..lolz..Yay!! Can countdown at home already!! :))))
It's just the second week since i started my 2nd semester and yet there's so many things to do already. Assignments are starting to pour in and there's studies to catch up with. Stress will definitely be building up day by day. I just pray that I will be able to manage everything well especially my time. There's seriously not much time to be wasted. I just need the push and determination and strength to go through everything.
Last but not least,
Happy New Year everyone out there!! Welcome to the year 2010!! (^_^)

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