Monday, December 14, 2009

A mixture of everything

Monday, December 14, 2009
Time flies..Without realising, it's the last week of my holidays already..>.<..Happy? Unhappy? Both i guess..i don't know...
Suprisingly, i woke up quite early today...Is it because i realised it's the last week of my holidays? So my body is actually asking me to spend less time sleeping and use the time left to do other things??..Hmm..probably..haha..XD
I had a slice if secret recipe cake (cheese choc) and a cup of neslo for breakfast..It's yummy but imagine the calories..=.=lll...somehow, i think i am getting a little bit influenced after watching so many episodes of the biggest loser...haha...okay, i admit i am not the skinny one but i am not obese i guess i am the average one..>.<..
Oh ya..did i mention that i cut my fingers accidentally with a knife while washing it?..=.=ll...careless me...Thank God it was just a small cut..I had plaster on but it still hurts a little..=(
Results coming out this thursday...Hopefully it will be good...wish me luck!!
Tonight is the finale for The Biggest Loser..Can't wait to watch it..=)

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