Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quotes from Love Happens

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Lesson one " When life gives you lemons, you have two choices. First, is to make a sour face. Second, is to make lemonade."
- Yeah, this quote is so true. We choose and decide how to feel. When we have problems or troubles, we can choose to view it negatively or positively. Well, obviously, facing a problem positively is better isn't it? No matter how hard something is, there will be a solution. God wouldn't give us a problem without a solution. So, when you face a problem, stop feeling like everything is not right..just face it with an optimistic mind...^^-
Lesson two
" Happiness is a state of mind. Devote 5 minutes of your time to smiling daily and after a while, it will happen naturally."
- Ok, i haven't try this before but it might be true. What do we lose by smiling? Yeah, nothing..simply nothing. Instead, we actually gain. Smiling makes us feel better and happier. Smiling to others brighten their days up. Smiling helps to work our mouth muscle ( i am not sure about this..that is just what i think..haha). Whether we are happy or sad, life still goes on so why not choose to be happy right?? So, people..start smiling!! :))))) -

Lesson three " Fear is a state of mind "

- Indeed, i believe it's quite true too. We are scared of this and that simply because we think too much sometimes. If only we tell ourselves that it's ok and we can do it more often, guess what. you can actually do it. Just don't let the fear holds you back. -


Kris Ceria ( said...

This is a good read! I just watched Love Happens and started searching for that particular quote and I ended up in this blog of yours. Awesome blog!

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

Thanks! :)

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