Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Trip to JJ Bukit Tinggi

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
1st stop : Green Box Karaoke
- We reached there just in time for lunch hour so it comes with lunch. However i am kinda disappointed because the food was not nice at all but i do like the drinks though. Why? Coz there was a variety of choices and most importantly, it's unlimited flow!!..haha..XD..We sang for 3 hours so by the time we finish singing, it was already 3pm.
2nd stop : Nyonya Colours
- We had our tea time here to spend some of our time since it was still early for our 4.30pm show. I had some ABC and fruit rojak.
3rd stop : TGV Cinema
- Soon, it was time for movie. We bought tickets for Ninja Assassin since there's not much movie to choose. Eventually, i thought it's a korean movie cause the main actor was Rain but i was wrong..lolz..It was actually a western movie..Well, the movie was ok but it was kinda brutal and cruel. There's blood everywhere throughout the movie..eww!!..It was quite disgusting and fake sometimes..But there's one funny part ; Rain's hair in the movie...haha..i don't know why but my friends and i find it so funny..haha..XD

Final stop : Sakae Sushi

- We stopped by here for dinner. 4 of us had 8 plates of sushi, a plate of teppanyaki and a bowl of rice and it costs us about RM 68!!..>.<

Conclusion, i spent RM 43 today for karaoke, movie and food!!...>.<...It's nice to do all these relaxing things in a day but it was tiring. After coming back, i watched The Biggest Loser Asia and here i am blogging!!..lolz..What to do next??..Sleep of cause!!...haha..XD..Goodnight!!

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