Sunday, January 31, 2010

A day of total relaxation after a busy & tiring week :)))

Sunday, January 31, 2010
Daddy came to fetch me with my family this morning at my hostel. We went for breakfast together at a restaurant in Sunway City. I had pork ball kueh teow & neslo (what a weird combination isn't it?..haha)...After that, we went to Sunway Pyramid. It was about 11am then. We start shopping around and we all ended up buying quite a lot of things. Dad, Mum, my two sis & me all bought at least 1 thing..lolz..Me? Oh yeah...I bought a lot of things today..Okla, Mum paid for almost all of it except a few..haha..Let's see what i bought..Hmm..a dress..a pair of heels..a pink rabbit handphone pouch (so cute lor..lolz)..a mini skirt...two alphabet keychain ( it's L of coz..hehe)..and last but not least a bag with many heart shapes on it!! I just love it so much!! Feel so lucky because i get to buy it at a promotion price. I had been eyeing this bag for some time & everytime i walked into the shop, I would look at it but then i always did not buy it because it was simply too expensive. Today, i got it for RM20 cheaper!!! It's worth the wait & meant to be mine after all..hahaha..Thank God..^^Before going back, we went to buy a pint of Baskin Robbins ice-cream. Since it's 31st of January, we got 31% off!! Another thing that is worth it again..lolz..We choose 2 flavours ; peanut butter & chocolate + dulce de..something...i forgot the full name...=P Anyway, it was yummy!! Simply heavenly & blissful..lolz..XD Came back around 7 something then went for dinner with my relatives at 8pm. I ended up feeling so full eventhough i didn't finished my rice..o.O..Today was simply a day dedicated solely for relaxation. I really enjoyed myself a lot today & I had fun...Enough of relaxing, I have to get back to serious business now ; studies & assignments...=O..bye!!!!!!

Experience gained...Memories made..=)

Been busy throughout this week because of PAP ( Pesta Angpow) for my campus which explains why my blog is not updated for some time..But don't worry, I am back!! =)
Phew!! Finally, it is all over. No doubt the process in the preparation for PAP is super stressful. We had to stay up late at night to decorate the boards, to get critics from other people..etc..I think it was simply stressful for everyone especially the excos so here i would like to say a big THANK YOU to them. Although they might hurt us at times, but i think we all know it's all for the good of the programme so we are not keeping any hard feelings towards them..=)I did feel regret joining at first simply because it takes up a lot of my time and i somehow feel that i can't commit myself to it that much like the others. I even thought of quiting but then i hold on. I hold on until the end and honestly, i feel proud i did not give up...lolz..It was a feeling of happiness & satisfaction yesterday. People who came to our exhibition praise our work & for once, i think it's all worth it. During the last few days before the event, we all work as a team & I can actually feel that our bond are getting closer. We laughed & remain cheerful eventhough we are all tired. That's what make me enjoy it..^^
Seriously, it was a really good experience. I learned a lot of new things & get to know a lot pf new friends.. it will definitely be a memory that i will keep forever..^^

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

After all, I am just me..=)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010
I don't think many people know the real me..
Maybe just a few..
Or maybe none..I don't know..
Yeah, I can be quiet..
But that doesn't mean i don't care..
Or I don't know anything..
After all, I am just a human being..
With feelings..
I do care & I do know..
But sometimes, I just choose to be silent..
Keeping everything to myself..
Maybe I am afraid to open myself to others..
Maybe I am afraid that I might hurt others..
Maybe I am afraid of being judged..
Well, people judged each other in this world isn't it?
We can't control it but we can choose to live with it..
Like it or not, I am just me..
The quiet & shy Lynette who don't open up to people easily..
The girly girl who loves pink & cute stuffs..
The girl who is sensitive yet strong inside..
The girl who loves spending time with her family..
The girl who will never give up but try her very best..
The girl who just wants to live her life her own way..
And the list goes on & on..
In the end, it's the difference that make me ME..
I can't please everyone in this world....
Some people might like me, some people might not..
But I am just living my life doing what i think is right with the support of my family..
I cannot afford to care too much about what other people think anymore..
What's important is that i am staying true to myself..
At least I don't feel like I am pretending to be someone I am not..
I'm just feeling grateful that my life has been filled with blessings all along..
Yeah, I am just one lucky girl!! Maybe not in all areas but I'm contented..=)

Monday, January 25, 2010

and I'll be happy despite the imperfections in life :D

Monday, January 25, 2010
Hmmm....I feel good & sweet today..lolz..
Good because i feel peaceful...Sweet because i wore pink today..haha :p
I had only 3 hours lecture today continuously from 9am-12pm and then i am free for the whole day!!..weeeee!! :D
Got back to my room around 1pm.
It was so quiet and peaceful.
My roommate was not around and i have the room all to myself for a few hours..hehe
It was the first time i felt so peaceful here..sweeeeeet!! :)))
Today's weather was super duper hot!!
I keep sweating even after i bathed..=.=
It feels like an oven..
Even the floor is warm..>.<..
Night falls and i am feeling better now..
At least i am not sweating that much anymore..
It feels cooler now..=)
In life, there are bound to be something that makes you unhappy.
Be it the people you face, stress or other problems.
But i want and is going to choose to be happy.
Being happy can make you feel peace and you will do things better.
Being happy means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections.
Life is imperfect and that is why it is call life.
So, why not lead a happy life, focus on the things that make you happy despite all the imperfections in life right?
So, people out there...Live life with a positive attitude always..No matter how hard something may be, embrace it with an open heart, a positive mind & with a smile on the face..^_^
Kla, got to get my things done. Revision, assignments, uni's never going to end just yet..I just have to deal with it happily...^^

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wonderful emails i came across 2

Saturday, January 23, 2010
In April. Maya Angelou was interviewed by Oprah on her 70+ birthday. Oprah ask her what she thought of growing older. She said that it was "exciting..." Regarding body changes, she said there were many, occuring every her breasts. They seems to be in a race to see which one of them will reach her waist, first.
The audience laughed so hard they cried. She is such a simple & honest woman, with so much wisdom in her words!
Maya Angelou said this :
" I've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on and it will be better tomorrow"
" I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person from the way he/she handles these three things : a rainy day, a lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights"
" I've learned that regardless of you relationship with your parents, you'll miss them when they are gone from your life"
" I've learned that making a 'living' is not the same as making a life" " I've learned that life sometimes gives you a second chance"
" I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw some things back.."
"I've learned that whenever i decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision"
"I've learned that even when i have pains, i don't have to be one"
"I've learned that every day you should reach out to touch someone. People love a warm hug or just a friendly pat on the back..."
"I've learned that i still have a lot to learn.."
"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Wonderful emails i came across 1

Enjoy what we have!!
Life doesn't have to be perfect & rich..just enjoy what you have..
In the picture, just look at their place to sleep but still they have made some space for the chicken and dog..Water pouring from the roof but still each one of them have a peaceful smile on their face..Simply amazing!!!!
The happiest people in the world are not those who have no problems, but those who learn to live with things that are less than perfect. Keep smiling always!! :)))

Friday, January 22, 2010

Home VS University

Friday, January 22, 2010
I suddenly miss my home so much now. Yeah, i went home last week but still i miss my home & my family so much. Nothing can ever change that. Home is the only place i can find peace. I just feel so peaceful having my family around. I can do things happier too. =)
Here in KL, it is so stressful. There are just tons of things to do everyday from assignments, studies to other Uni activities. What is worse is that i have to face all kinds of people here. Some are really not my cup of tea yet i still have to face & deal with them. It all felt so pretended & fake sometimes and i seriously hate that..>.<..
Mid-sem exam is coming in a few weeks & yet i don't feel prepared. All the nights spent for the activities had reduce the time i had to study. I really wished i could turn back time. If i know, i won't be joining the activities that proves to be wasting a lot of my time. Imagine how much time i can save if i did not join that activity. Anyway, it's no use to say anything right now. What's done is done. I just have to deal with it.
The only thing that i am looking forward to now is CNY Holidays!! I can't wait to spent the whole week with my family. Seriously, i need to get away from this stressful place. I need a break. I need to relax. I just need PEACE.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

21/1/2010..Loves Daytime..Hates Night time..

Thursday, January 21, 2010
I had no classes at all today which was GREAT!!..haha..XD..So, 3 of my coursemates and i decided to go to Times Square which was even greater!!..=P
We reached there at about 11am,
Went straight to the cinema to buy tickets,
We spent quite a while thinking of what movie to watch because of our different opinions..=.=
In the end, it was decided ; a thai horror flick - Haunted Universities.
We were all hungry and we decided to eat first before we watched the movie so we bought 1.40pm show. We went looking for KFC and on the way, we managed to take some photos of the CNY atmosphere..lolz..3 of them ordered snack plate and i ordered a twister set. Yums!! It was yummy!! I guess because i was too hungry that time..XP
After eating, we spent some time taking photos of the CNY sceneries again..haha..Went to Borders and i bought seventeen magazine February issue..^^..Then, it was time for the movie. Went to the cinema & guess what? We met some of our Malay coursemates there. We found out that we are watching the same movie too!! At the same time and only a row in front of us!! We even met in the same toilet despite having so many toilets in the whole shopping mall!! Wow!! what a coincidence!!..haha..
The movie was..hmmm..quite disappointing..It was not really scary..There was just a few parts that really make us shocked..that's all..I think we laughed more..Watching a horror movie but laughing..=.=..What's worse is that ending was not like a ending at all..It's Haunted Universities but the story doesn't really involves universities towards the end..=.=
Before coming back, I bought two pretzels from Auntie Anne; cinammon sugar & chocolate mint. yums!! It was super yummy!! Love it sooooo much!! Although the trip was quite tiring towards the end, i was pretty happy. I had fun & really enjoyed myself.. =)
After taking my bath, went down to discuss about my assignment,
find articles for my english class tomorrow ( hoping the lecturer will accept my topics),
and then i got a call asking me to go down for a meeting ( it was already 12am that time..=.=..).
Went down, did some things and i only came back now.
Phew!! It's so tiring!! I just want it to be over faster. I don't want and never want to have anything to deal with it anymore!! NEVER!! All i want now is just peace & to concentrate on my studies!!
It's getting late. I know. Having English class at 8am tomorrow. For sure, i will have trouble waking up and feel sleepy throughout the class. All "thanks" to the late night meeting..=.=..Just hoping for the best tomorrow that everything will go smoothly. Going to bed now. Seriously, i need to rest so Goodnight & sweet dreams!! =)
P/S : wanted to upload the photos here but the line was too slow..>.<..Photos will be uploaded later at my facebook later so be sure to drop by my profile page to look at it!! :)))

All about yesterday...

Yesterday, class started as early as 8am which means i have to wake up at 7 something. I don't feel like waking up at all but still i had too..=(..Went for anatomy class and gosh!! it was sooooooo boring. I don't know how many times i yawned in the class and i just couldn't concentrate on what the lecturer is teaching..=.=
Class ended at 10am and was resumed with clinic observation. We went to the JASP Clinic and was divided into different groups. Each group was assigned to a different therapy room & a supervisor. It was my first clinic observation so i was pretty excited. When i reached the clinic, a session was already going on so i didn't really get to see that case. After that, another 2 cases came in. One was with Speech-Language Delay & the other with Down Syndrome. It was pretty exciting to observe the session because that is what i am expected to be doing soon..Okay, not that soon but in my 2nd year onwards..=)..Overall, i think the observation session went quite well except the air-cond part. It was freezing cold in the room..brrrrrrr~..I had my long sleeve blouse on but i am still feeling soooo cold..>.<
Finished the observation, went to the cafe to have lunch and i meet him. Again, we were like strangers..I didn't look at him and he didn't look at me. We are just concentrating on what we were doing..I guess..=.=..Anyway, after lunch, went to board the bus to go to the faculty for Pengurusan Emosi class. Waited there for more than half an hour and then it was announced that it's cancelled...double blow!!..=.=..I felt like skipping the next class at 5pm but in the end i decided not to do it. So, i went to the library to surf the net to find some articles for my English class as well as some info for my KKA assignment. I was glad i managed to find something..Just hope that the lecturer will not reject the title...>.<
Suprisingly, TITAS class ended 1 hour earlier because the lecturer was not free. Got back around 6 something, took my bath, had some green pea cookies for dinner ( i had cheese bread & milo earlier) and then went straight for the PAP meeting. I spent 3 hours ++ there colouring and decorating the board and it's not even finished yet..=.=ll..Oh ya, suprisingly, he smiled at me when he saw me yesterday night..I was kinda shocked coz he won't normally be the first to do just makes me wonder..What was he thinking?
By the time i got back to my room, it was already 11 something. Tried to read some anatomy notes but i was too tired. I just couldn't stand it anymore so i went to bed instead..That's the end of my day..=.=

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just a little more time...I'm so tired..=(

Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Class ended at about 6pm just now. Went straight to the cafe to buy food, came back to my room, took my bath and ate my dinner ; nasi goreng tomyam + orange juice. It tastes pretty good but kinda spicy though. Anyway, i ended feeling super full..XD
Today was quite a tiring day. Woke up at 7 something because i have class at 8am according to the timetable. Got ready, went to class, waited for half and hour and yet the lecturer did not came. Then, came the news. Class is cancelled, says my class rep..feeling kinda happy already but then came the bad news..It will be replaced on that day itself after the last class at 4pm which means we have to stay back until 6pm!! =.=..And i wake up early for nothing..>.<
Never mind that, I headed back to my room and continue to sleep..haha..Class resumed at 10am..It's supposed to end at 12pm but then the lecturer dragged it for an extra one hour so we finished at 1pm instead..Oh ya, and he gave assignment for the first 4 groups he formed randomly today..Guess what? I am the 1 of the lucky 4 groups..O.O..Rushed to the cafe to have lunch since our next class was at 2pm. After lunch, decided to go back to my room and that was when i realized that i forgot to bring out my room key from my room..=.=
Again, never mind i said to myself. I will go straight to class. PB class was boring as usual and i can't really concentrate on what he is talking about. PB class ended and was continued with PK class. Gosh!! Another assignment is given as expected. This time it's on writing goals.
Once again, STRESS is here!! Assignments coming in all at once with limited time to do it. So many other things to do yet so little time. I think i will go mad..feels just like screaming out loud right now..It's really stressful to be having so many things to do all at once and because of that, i just couldn't put my 100% effort in each of the tasks given.
Seriously, i am so tired right now. Feels like just going to sleep and not do anything..*yawns*..But it's impossible because i still have a lot of things to get done!! Gotta go now..Bye!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

I ♥ J.CO Doughnuts :D

Monday, January 18, 2010
If you have been following my blog, you would have known that i ordered J.CO Doughnuts delivery a few days back and it will be delivered today..^^
Waited and waited the whole day and i am actually having the thought that they might forget about it...haha...Anyway, the surprise came when i am attending psychology class..I received a call from an unknown number..Of cause, i couldn't answer it since i am in class so i sent them a message instead..To my surprise, she say she is the one who is supposed to do the delivery but i am not in the room that time so i asked them to pass it to my roommate..=)
Class finished at 7.30pm. Went straight to the cafe for the PAP meeting. Felt hungry so i bought a burger. When i came back to my room, i saw it!! Two pretty and delicious doughnuts lying on my study table..lolx...Initially, i planned to eat it the next day since i already had burger for dinner but in the end, i ate it..Both of it!! =.=...Why? Because i don't have any tupperware to store it and partly because i am too tempted to take a bite..haha..XD
I bought two flavours ; Tira Miss U @ Tiramissu & Mochachino. Took a bite and gosh!! It was so yummy!!! Haven had one for quite some time so i was pretty happy. It tastes sooooooo good..hehe..
I ended up feeling quite full..1 burger + 2 doughnuts for dinner tonight..Wah, going to be extra fat..=.=..Feeling gulity for eating so much for dinner tonight..>.<..Tomorrow have to eat less already!!! O.O
TADAA!!! Here's my two lovely J.CO Doughnuts..Yums!!

On this day, God wants you to know...

... that God is glad that you are You. Sure, we all have things we want to change, to improve about ourselves. But underneath the flesh and bone, you are an immortal and perfect soul. Always remember that.
Yeah..For sure, i will remember that coz in the end, i am still me..The quiet and shy girl who just wants to lead a simple life..Can be crazy sometimes but only with those that are very close to me..I just don't know why it is so hard for me to open up to people..I want to talk but when i am in the situation, my mouth just won't open..=.=lll...Seriously, i need to change that...i know..i am trying.....>.<
Life has been like a roller coaster ride all along..There are ups and downs along the way but I am just trying to enjoy myself as much as i can..Sometimes, i am happy..sometimes, i am sad...That's life isn't it?..To me, Life is more about the journey than the destination..One day, i will look back and think of the life that i have gone through and i will have a story to tell..=)
Feeling so tired now..I don't know why..I hate being busy..Sometimes, i just need a break to recharge myself but there's just so many things going on when i am back to Uni life..However, i am just trying to deal with everything with an open heart and a positive mind..I choose to be happy..:D
Having class at 9am tomorrow..Going to bed now...Hope i can have a sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet dream tonight..hehe..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I feel great. ;D

Saturday, January 16, 2010
Just came back from the fun fair a while ago...phew!! tired but fun!! hehe...It's been a long time since i last went to a fun fair. It was kinda fun. Went on a few rides with my sister. I ended up feeling like vomiting and dizzy because of the rides..=.=..Anyway, i am okay after resting for a while..lolz..Bought 2 cups of sweet corns & a cup of sour plum pearl ice-blended..Yums!! =)
My whole day was spent doing a lot of things except studying of cause..=.=..I did not touch a single book nor do anything related to my studies..haha...First, i went for lunch with my family at a Chinese restaurant..Then we went to the computer shop to buy a printer, my aunt's florist shop to buy flower wrapper for the Valentine's Day dedication, stationery shop to buy ribbon and print out the materials needed for the chinese paper cutting..etc..Last destination, Tesco because Mummy wants to do some shopping. Of cause, i managed to buy a few things too...=)
I literally spent the whole day cutting paper. Know those chinese cutting paper with all sorts of shapes in red paper? It's a type of art where you cut the paper according to it's shape and you will get a picture in the end. It's really time consuming and needs a lot of patience and concentration. Thank God my sister was there to help me with half of it..^^..Anyway, the end product was awesome. I love it!! Hope that the others will be satisfied and happy with it when they see it. Oh ya, forgot to tell you...I did this for UKM's Pesta Angpow which is going to be held on the 30th of January. I am under the exhibition section so i will be in charge of the chinese paper cutting project. So, for those who wants to see my cuttings, welcome to UKM KL on the 29th & 30th of Jan..It will be at night from 7-11pm if i am not wrong.Oh no, am i promoting it here?..haha..XD It's 12am now. Have to wake up early for church tomorrow. Going to bed in a bit so nitez!! Sweet dreams =)

Super loooooong day..phew!!

Yesterday was such a long day. Longer than the previous two days. Classes started at 8am for four hours. Got back to my room, online and rest a bit while waiting for my dad to come and fetch me. Dad arrived around 1.45pm and we went out for lunch together.
Our stop was at Chong Fatt Cafe at Setapak where we had fish head meehoon. The bowl was HUGE!! Daddy and i shared a bowl where i think i only ate 1/4 of it but i ended up feeling super full!!..XD
By the time we finished lunch, it was about 3pm. Went over to my faculty to pay my fees but in the end, i didn't pay it because the worker there asked me to wait for JPA to bank in my second semester money first..o.O..Initially, Dad & I decided to go to Times Square since we still have about 2 hours to spare. My next class was at 5pm. However, i ended up going to the Art Gallery instead because we are not really familiar around the roads in KL so don't really know where is Times Square..=.=
Anyway, I spent about 1 hour ++ at the art gallery. OMG!! The paintings and drawings there were really beautiful!! The whole journey, my mind was thinking " Wow, that's so beautiful..How did they do that?". I was deeply astonished and at awe looking at those pictures. Whatmore, with the gallery's quiet atmosphere. It was so nice..=)
After that, it was time for my class. I usually don't have class this late on Friday. It just happens that i have replacement class this week..>.<..The class was sooooo boring. It's TITAS so what do you expect right?..haha..Class ended at about 6.30pm ++ and everyone was running like mad to catch the bus ; that was a usual scene everytime TITAS finished..o.O..Luckily, my dad was there so i need not catch the bus..lolz..
Then we went to UM to send my sister some of the things she needed and we had dinner together at one of the hawker stall at SS2. By the time we finished eating, it was already 9pm. Reached home at 10 something..=O..Bathed, online and then sleep. There goes one of the day..=P

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Doughnuts!!! :))))

Thursday, January 14, 2010
Since yesterday, my mind is on doughnuts. Krispy Kreme, J.CO, Big Apple, Dunkin Donuts..ahhh, i missed it!! It's been a long time since i bought doughnuts from these shops..lolz..Really feel like eating it!!..haha..
Guess what? Something unexpected happen today. On the way down to class, I came across a notice at my block's notice board. It caught my attention because of the words ; J.CO Doughnuts Delivery. I was like..What?! Seriously, this is real? I was just thinking about it yesterday and there it is. I can have it delivered to my room next Monday!! :)))) Of cause, i am the first to write down my name and make the order..haha..Looking forward to it on Monday!!!..yums!!!
What a sweet coincidence...God do work in His own ways sometimes..I'm just one lucky girl!!..lolx..XD

Wow..what a long day today!!

What a long day i had today!! Thank God classes start at 11am today so i am able to sleep longer..haha..XD
After the one hour physiology class, took the bus to the faculty. Went to a vegetarian restaurant for lunch. I ordered Honey sauce Chicken with rice. It actually tasted quite good but it costs me RM5.50!!. o.o...Anyway,it's worth it because I personally quite like it..=)
Today was quite tiring though. Class lasted till almost 7pm. Got back from faculty, went straight to take a bath and had to go for the PAP photo session. It's supposed to start at 8pm but as usual, it started late so it ends at 10 something..>.<..
Got back to my room, ate my dinner or maybe i should call it supper..=.=..Bread, biscuits, ice neslo...That's what filling my stomach now..haha..
Oh ya, did i mention that i have quiz tomorrow? And i haven't finished revising yet..O.O..will try to revise as much as i can with the limited time..Just hope that i will be able to do well tomorrow..=)
Today is a long day..Tomorrow will be a long day as well cause i have classes till 8pm so i need to recharge myself now!! Kla, seriously, i need to study now..Quiz quiz quiz tomorrow!! O.O..wish me luck!!!
* Don't let other people bring you down or make you unhappy! What is more important is to stay true to yourself and be happy!! Ignore those people that would want to make you unhappy!! That's what i learnt today...^^*

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

♥ Some pictures can make you happy just by looking at it :D ♥

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Don't you feel happy just by looking at these pictures? I do :)))

I'm happy today :D

Been blogging about my problems and how busy i am lately. I guess people are getting bored and tired of reading it including myself..=.=..But that's life isn't it? I don't think there is a life without problems. Problems will only make you stronger..Really? haha..I don't know..I just simply say one..=P...Oklah, from now on, i will try to blog less about those unhappy things. Instead, i will focus more on the small things that makes me happy because one day i will look back and realise that those small things are the big things....=)
Hmm..well, today my class started at 9am..Had Gardenia bread for breakfast. Butter Toffee flavour. Nyomnyomnyom!! I love it!! =)
First class, anatomy. We learnt about the placenta today. I'm able to concentrate at first, but slowly the concentration decreases when more and more terms appear..=O
Next class, KKA. For those who don't know, it's the short form for "Kecelaruan Komunikasi Asas"...^^..It went quite ok. I am able to concentrate but not fully lah..haha..Hey, at least i don't feel sleepy okay?..=P
Then, it is time for lunch. Went to the cafe with my coursemates. Had claypot yee mee for lunch and i finished it all up today!! wow!! I'm such a big eater..XD..
Class resumed at 2pm. Language Development class. Well, what to say? It's as boring as ever..>.<..Anyway, he finished the class half an hour earlier today so i am happy :D
Chitchat with my friend for a while and by the time i got back to my room, it's already 4pm. Guess what i do next? Online lor!!..haha..Start chatting with a few friends of mine and my mood became so good..lolz...Thanks you guys for making me feel better after what happen yesterday..^^
Took my bath then went down to take my dinner. Dinner today was not so nice though coz i don't like the dishes..Anyway, i am full so thank God i have rice to eat..haha
Now, I have to start doing my revision already or else i will find it hard to catch up later so bye!! :))))

Monday, January 11, 2010

God do work in His own ways....=)

Monday, January 11, 2010
Just came back from a meeting and as i expected, i am feeling so stress and frustrated right now..=.=..Seriously, why can't they understand the difficulties i am facing? It's not that i don't want to do it, but i can't given the short period of time. I hate being forced to do something. Can you all just be considerate? gosh!! What should i do now? I really don't know. Should i just quit? I really feel like doing it. In the first place, i never really wanted to join it at all but due to some circumstances, i joined. And now, i totally regret it!! >.<
Logged in into facebook right after i came back from the meeting and i got this message from one of the application.
... that the weight you carry on your shoulders is much too heavy for one human being. Give some of that weight where it belongs, - to God, and have faith that what happens is for the best, whether you understand it or not.
It's scary because it's so true. That is totally what i need to hear right now. Maybe it's really too heavy. The burden i am carrying is too heavy for me. I need to put down some now. I need a break. All i want to do now is to concentrate on my studies. That is not too much to ask for right? Different people have different priorities so please don't judge the decision i make. It's my life ok?..So, respect it!! ahhhh!!! I just feel like screaming right now!!

Life Quotes..

Sometimes, i just don't understand why there can't be peace in this world..Wouldn't it be nice to live in peace? Why do people have to create problems to destroy the peace? It is sad..I just want a peaceful life to live in...
Problems are bound to arise in our life so just deal with it with a positive mind and everything gonna be alright :)))...Don't let other people bring you down or make you feel frustrated..It's your life so choose how you wanna live it!! For me, i choose to be happy!! :D

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just a quick update...

Sunday, January 10, 2010
So, the first week of January ended. I am back to my hostel at KL. Before that, went to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng at SS2 for dinner and i ended up feeling super full...XD
Trying to read some anatomy notes now but obviously it's not really working coz i am now blogging instead..hahahha..Being at home is supposed to be relaxing but not this week. I spent my weekends trying to finish two of my assignments. Finally, it's done although i am not really satisfied with it but whatever lah, i finished it so i am pretty happy :)))...At least some of my stress is gone...=D
Tomorrow will be the start of a new week. I hope that i will be free of activities the whole week. I just wanna concentrate on my studies at the moment.
"Whatever happens, just deal with it positively. Be optimistic and everything will be alright :)))" - My self made quote for the week..lolx..XD

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Summary of the week...

Saturday, January 9, 2010
It's been kind of stressful lately.. The whole week, my workload keep increasing.. Assignments, studies, uni activities..etc.. There are just so many things to do.. I'm so tired and it makes me miss home more and more.. I'm really tired there so i decided to come home.. Reached my home sweet home at about 7pm yesterday.. and i was greeted with the warmth of home - mummy's cooking...^^ It feels so great to be home..It's like half of my stress is gone.. Home is always the best place to be..I just love it!! Unfortunately, i came down with a flu yesterday.. It can't stop flowing since the morning and gosh! It was really irritating.. At night, it became worst... Wanted to do my assignment but my mind just couldn't concentrate and think.. It was just blank....>.< I was feeling kinda sick but still i stayed up till 1 something in the morning..O.O Okla, i was watching the TV and reading some anatomy notes.. You must think i am crazy..sick but still not resting..=.= Anyway, I slept for about 9 hours.. Woke up at about 10 something just now.. Feeling so much better now.. No more flu flowing like mad at least... Need to start concentrating on my assignments now.. Hopefully i can get most of it done by today...=)

Monday, January 4, 2010

First Monday of the year...

Monday, January 4, 2010
Had my first anatomy class for the semester today. It was for 2 hours and for the first time the lecturer was a chinese man..haha..Suprisingly, i think i concentrate quite well on the lecture..Nah, it's not because he's is handsome or what...Please don't misunderstood...haha..Somehow, i think the way he teach was easier to understand..I don't felt that sleepy like i used to be last sem..Well, ocassionally my mind wanders somewhere and i became confused on what he is teaching..oops..haha..XD...but overall it was ok..I just need to do more revision on it and i will be fine..i guess..=P..
Class was only 2 hours today and i am actually free for the whole day(minus the meeting part) but i ended up sleeping for 3 hours..O.O..hey, i was very tired ok??..Tonight i will sleep later lor..haha..That's the worst habit of mine..Procrastinating and being's not so easy to change lah but i know i need to..=P
Ordered economy rice from outside again today. The first time i ordered, it arrives at about 6.15pm but today the rice came at almost 7pm!! Gosh, i was so hungry because i had an early lunch today so i ended up munching on biscuits before dinner..o.O..Well, here is my dinner today..=)
After dinner, i went for PAP meeting at the volleyball court. It's supposed to start at 7.30pm but as usual, it starts late..=.=...It took up about 2 hours of my time there. I'm not so good in chinese so ocassionally, i don't understand what they are saying..=.=...I don't know why but i can't commit myself to it..They are having a meeting again this Friday but i want to go back...Ok,not i i need..I have things to do at home..They asked us to sacrifice our time at home to be here but i just can't bring myself to do it...Is it because i felt like it's not important? I don't know..I can just say i am sorry..>.<
Tomorrow class starts at 9am-10am and another from 2pm-4pm. KKA class from 10am-12pm is cancelled and it will be replaced on friday..haiz..I rather have it tomorrow..T.T..After anatomy class, i will be recording my video of 5 mins according to the scenario i got for my assignment..Just hope that all of the 'actors' in my video can be as natural as possible especially me..haha..Pray that everything go smoothly bah so that i can start on the write up soon..^^...
o.O...I'm wasting my time on blogging again..Gotta get some things done now or do some revision at bye!! ^^

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fun ended, busy life starting..>.<

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New year holidays weekend ended. Next week will be the start of a busy week for me. There's so much to do. I have to prepare for the observation at clinic, assignments to complete, studies to catch up with and other activities as well. I'm going to be a busy bee soon...>.<..Pray that i won't be too tired and can manage everything well!! Wish me luck!! ^^
Going back to KL in a few hours time..haiz..boring ler..>.<

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Enjoying the first few days of the new year...^_^

Saturday, January 2, 2010
Yesterday was a great day. Went to fetch my sis from her uni early in the morning then we went for breakfast together ( with family of coz..^^)..We all had some nyonya kuihs, egg tarts..etc..Then my family and i were off to Mid Valley Megamall. Initially, daddy planned to watch Sherlock Holmes so we went to the cinema to buy tickets but gosh!! The queue was super long and yeah i mean super super long. Actually it's kinda expected coz it's a public holiday but the time is still so early when we reached so i thought maybe there won't be so many people yet. Boy, i was wrong..hehe..I guess everyone woke up early that day..haha..XD

The plan to watch a movie fail!!..>.<..So, we planned to shop instead since my sis is searching for a dinner dress and it's time to shop for CNY..^^..I ended up buying quite a lot of things..All thanks to my mummy..:)))...I bought t-shirts, shorts, pants, heels and books ( mummy bought this for me as an early bday gift..^^)..Lunch, we went to Yo! Sushi at the Gardens. The food was ok but i preferred sushi king @ sakae sushi better..hehe..Then, we shopped and shopped again until about 6pm or more. Before going back, bought some famous amos cookies. It's sooooooo yummy!! On the way back, we stopped by Klang for dinner. I was sooo full =D. Reached home at about 10.30pm. Took my bath, online for a while, watch some tv before i went to bed. The whole day was tiring but it's so worth it coz i really enjoyed my time with my family..^^What a great way to start my new year...lolz..Tonight, i will be going for BBQ with some of my secondary school mates...Hope that we will all have fun and enjoy ourselves tonight...Well, i am obviously relaxing these few days..haha..but nvm, now is the time to enjoy myself 1st before my busy and hectic life begins next week..>.<...There goes my 1st blog post of the year..have to go get ready for the BBQ now..Friends coming to fetch me in about 1 hours time..Bye!!=)

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