Thursday, January 21, 2010

21/1/2010..Loves Daytime..Hates Night time..

Thursday, January 21, 2010
I had no classes at all today which was GREAT!!..haha..XD..So, 3 of my coursemates and i decided to go to Times Square which was even greater!!..=P
We reached there at about 11am,
Went straight to the cinema to buy tickets,
We spent quite a while thinking of what movie to watch because of our different opinions..=.=
In the end, it was decided ; a thai horror flick - Haunted Universities.
We were all hungry and we decided to eat first before we watched the movie so we bought 1.40pm show. We went looking for KFC and on the way, we managed to take some photos of the CNY atmosphere..lolz..3 of them ordered snack plate and i ordered a twister set. Yums!! It was yummy!! I guess because i was too hungry that time..XP
After eating, we spent some time taking photos of the CNY sceneries again..haha..Went to Borders and i bought seventeen magazine February issue..^^..Then, it was time for the movie. Went to the cinema & guess what? We met some of our Malay coursemates there. We found out that we are watching the same movie too!! At the same time and only a row in front of us!! We even met in the same toilet despite having so many toilets in the whole shopping mall!! Wow!! what a coincidence!!..haha..
The movie was..hmmm..quite disappointing..It was not really scary..There was just a few parts that really make us shocked..that's all..I think we laughed more..Watching a horror movie but laughing..=.=..What's worse is that ending was not like a ending at all..It's Haunted Universities but the story doesn't really involves universities towards the end..=.=
Before coming back, I bought two pretzels from Auntie Anne; cinammon sugar & chocolate mint. yums!! It was super yummy!! Love it sooooo much!! Although the trip was quite tiring towards the end, i was pretty happy. I had fun & really enjoyed myself.. =)
After taking my bath, went down to discuss about my assignment,
find articles for my english class tomorrow ( hoping the lecturer will accept my topics),
and then i got a call asking me to go down for a meeting ( it was already 12am that time..=.=..).
Went down, did some things and i only came back now.
Phew!! It's so tiring!! I just want it to be over faster. I don't want and never want to have anything to deal with it anymore!! NEVER!! All i want now is just peace & to concentrate on my studies!!
It's getting late. I know. Having English class at 8am tomorrow. For sure, i will have trouble waking up and feel sleepy throughout the class. All "thanks" to the late night meeting..=.=..Just hoping for the best tomorrow that everything will go smoothly. Going to bed now. Seriously, i need to rest so Goodnight & sweet dreams!! =)
P/S : wanted to upload the photos here but the line was too slow..>.<..Photos will be uploaded later at my facebook later so be sure to drop by my profile page to look at it!! :)))

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