Thursday, January 21, 2010

All about yesterday...

Thursday, January 21, 2010
Yesterday, class started as early as 8am which means i have to wake up at 7 something. I don't feel like waking up at all but still i had too..=(..Went for anatomy class and gosh!! it was sooooooo boring. I don't know how many times i yawned in the class and i just couldn't concentrate on what the lecturer is teaching..=.=
Class ended at 10am and was resumed with clinic observation. We went to the JASP Clinic and was divided into different groups. Each group was assigned to a different therapy room & a supervisor. It was my first clinic observation so i was pretty excited. When i reached the clinic, a session was already going on so i didn't really get to see that case. After that, another 2 cases came in. One was with Speech-Language Delay & the other with Down Syndrome. It was pretty exciting to observe the session because that is what i am expected to be doing soon..Okay, not that soon but in my 2nd year onwards..=)..Overall, i think the observation session went quite well except the air-cond part. It was freezing cold in the room..brrrrrrr~..I had my long sleeve blouse on but i am still feeling soooo cold..>.<
Finished the observation, went to the cafe to have lunch and i meet him. Again, we were like strangers..I didn't look at him and he didn't look at me. We are just concentrating on what we were doing..I guess..=.=..Anyway, after lunch, went to board the bus to go to the faculty for Pengurusan Emosi class. Waited there for more than half an hour and then it was announced that it's cancelled...double blow!!..=.=..I felt like skipping the next class at 5pm but in the end i decided not to do it. So, i went to the library to surf the net to find some articles for my English class as well as some info for my KKA assignment. I was glad i managed to find something..Just hope that the lecturer will not reject the title...>.<
Suprisingly, TITAS class ended 1 hour earlier because the lecturer was not free. Got back around 6 something, took my bath, had some green pea cookies for dinner ( i had cheese bread & milo earlier) and then went straight for the PAP meeting. I spent 3 hours ++ there colouring and decorating the board and it's not even finished yet..=.=ll..Oh ya, suprisingly, he smiled at me when he saw me yesterday night..I was kinda shocked coz he won't normally be the first to do just makes me wonder..What was he thinking?
By the time i got back to my room, it was already 11 something. Tried to read some anatomy notes but i was too tired. I just couldn't stand it anymore so i went to bed instead..That's the end of my day..=.=

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