Monday, January 25, 2010

and I'll be happy despite the imperfections in life :D

Monday, January 25, 2010
Hmmm....I feel good & sweet today..lolz..
Good because i feel peaceful...Sweet because i wore pink today..haha :p
I had only 3 hours lecture today continuously from 9am-12pm and then i am free for the whole day!!..weeeee!! :D
Got back to my room around 1pm.
It was so quiet and peaceful.
My roommate was not around and i have the room all to myself for a few hours..hehe
It was the first time i felt so peaceful here..sweeeeeet!! :)))
Today's weather was super duper hot!!
I keep sweating even after i bathed..=.=
It feels like an oven..
Even the floor is warm..>.<..
Night falls and i am feeling better now..
At least i am not sweating that much anymore..
It feels cooler now..=)
In life, there are bound to be something that makes you unhappy.
Be it the people you face, stress or other problems.
But i want and is going to choose to be happy.
Being happy can make you feel peace and you will do things better.
Being happy means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections.
Life is imperfect and that is why it is call life.
So, why not lead a happy life, focus on the things that make you happy despite all the imperfections in life right?
So, people out there...Live life with a positive attitude always..No matter how hard something may be, embrace it with an open heart, a positive mind & with a smile on the face..^_^
Kla, got to get my things done. Revision, assignments, uni's never going to end just yet..I just have to deal with it happily...^^

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