Saturday, January 2, 2010

Enjoying the first few days of the new year...^_^

Saturday, January 2, 2010
Yesterday was a great day. Went to fetch my sis from her uni early in the morning then we went for breakfast together ( with family of coz..^^)..We all had some nyonya kuihs, egg tarts..etc..Then my family and i were off to Mid Valley Megamall. Initially, daddy planned to watch Sherlock Holmes so we went to the cinema to buy tickets but gosh!! The queue was super long and yeah i mean super super long. Actually it's kinda expected coz it's a public holiday but the time is still so early when we reached so i thought maybe there won't be so many people yet. Boy, i was wrong..hehe..I guess everyone woke up early that day..haha..XD

The plan to watch a movie fail!!..>.<..So, we planned to shop instead since my sis is searching for a dinner dress and it's time to shop for CNY..^^..I ended up buying quite a lot of things..All thanks to my mummy..:)))...I bought t-shirts, shorts, pants, heels and books ( mummy bought this for me as an early bday gift..^^)..Lunch, we went to Yo! Sushi at the Gardens. The food was ok but i preferred sushi king @ sakae sushi better..hehe..Then, we shopped and shopped again until about 6pm or more. Before going back, bought some famous amos cookies. It's sooooooo yummy!! On the way back, we stopped by Klang for dinner. I was sooo full =D. Reached home at about 10.30pm. Took my bath, online for a while, watch some tv before i went to bed. The whole day was tiring but it's so worth it coz i really enjoyed my time with my family..^^What a great way to start my new year...lolz..Tonight, i will be going for BBQ with some of my secondary school mates...Hope that we will all have fun and enjoy ourselves tonight...Well, i am obviously relaxing these few days..haha..but nvm, now is the time to enjoy myself 1st before my busy and hectic life begins next week..>.<...There goes my 1st blog post of the year..have to go get ready for the BBQ now..Friends coming to fetch me in about 1 hours time..Bye!!=)

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