Monday, January 4, 2010

First Monday of the year...

Monday, January 4, 2010
Had my first anatomy class for the semester today. It was for 2 hours and for the first time the lecturer was a chinese man..haha..Suprisingly, i think i concentrate quite well on the lecture..Nah, it's not because he's is handsome or what...Please don't misunderstood...haha..Somehow, i think the way he teach was easier to understand..I don't felt that sleepy like i used to be last sem..Well, ocassionally my mind wanders somewhere and i became confused on what he is teaching..oops..haha..XD...but overall it was ok..I just need to do more revision on it and i will be fine..i guess..=P..
Class was only 2 hours today and i am actually free for the whole day(minus the meeting part) but i ended up sleeping for 3 hours..O.O..hey, i was very tired ok??..Tonight i will sleep later lor..haha..That's the worst habit of mine..Procrastinating and being's not so easy to change lah but i know i need to..=P
Ordered economy rice from outside again today. The first time i ordered, it arrives at about 6.15pm but today the rice came at almost 7pm!! Gosh, i was so hungry because i had an early lunch today so i ended up munching on biscuits before dinner..o.O..Well, here is my dinner today..=)
After dinner, i went for PAP meeting at the volleyball court. It's supposed to start at 7.30pm but as usual, it starts late..=.=...It took up about 2 hours of my time there. I'm not so good in chinese so ocassionally, i don't understand what they are saying..=.=...I don't know why but i can't commit myself to it..They are having a meeting again this Friday but i want to go back...Ok,not i i need..I have things to do at home..They asked us to sacrifice our time at home to be here but i just can't bring myself to do it...Is it because i felt like it's not important? I don't know..I can just say i am sorry..>.<
Tomorrow class starts at 9am-10am and another from 2pm-4pm. KKA class from 10am-12pm is cancelled and it will be replaced on friday..haiz..I rather have it tomorrow..T.T..After anatomy class, i will be recording my video of 5 mins according to the scenario i got for my assignment..Just hope that all of the 'actors' in my video can be as natural as possible especially me..haha..Pray that everything go smoothly bah so that i can start on the write up soon..^^...
o.O...I'm wasting my time on blogging again..Gotta get some things done now or do some revision at bye!! ^^

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