Monday, January 18, 2010

I ♥ J.CO Doughnuts :D

Monday, January 18, 2010
If you have been following my blog, you would have known that i ordered J.CO Doughnuts delivery a few days back and it will be delivered today..^^
Waited and waited the whole day and i am actually having the thought that they might forget about it...haha...Anyway, the surprise came when i am attending psychology class..I received a call from an unknown number..Of cause, i couldn't answer it since i am in class so i sent them a message instead..To my surprise, she say she is the one who is supposed to do the delivery but i am not in the room that time so i asked them to pass it to my roommate..=)
Class finished at 7.30pm. Went straight to the cafe for the PAP meeting. Felt hungry so i bought a burger. When i came back to my room, i saw it!! Two pretty and delicious doughnuts lying on my study table..lolx...Initially, i planned to eat it the next day since i already had burger for dinner but in the end, i ate it..Both of it!! =.=...Why? Because i don't have any tupperware to store it and partly because i am too tempted to take a bite..haha..XD
I bought two flavours ; Tira Miss U @ Tiramissu & Mochachino. Took a bite and gosh!! It was so yummy!!! Haven had one for quite some time so i was pretty happy. It tastes sooooooo good..hehe..
I ended up feeling quite full..1 burger + 2 doughnuts for dinner tonight..Wah, going to be extra fat..=.=..Feeling gulity for eating so much for dinner tonight..>.<..Tomorrow have to eat less already!!! O.O
TADAA!!! Here's my two lovely J.CO Doughnuts..Yums!!

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