Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just a little more time...I'm so tired..=(

Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Class ended at about 6pm just now. Went straight to the cafe to buy food, came back to my room, took my bath and ate my dinner ; nasi goreng tomyam + orange juice. It tastes pretty good but kinda spicy though. Anyway, i ended feeling super full..XD
Today was quite a tiring day. Woke up at 7 something because i have class at 8am according to the timetable. Got ready, went to class, waited for half and hour and yet the lecturer did not came. Then, came the news. Class is cancelled, says my class rep..feeling kinda happy already but then came the bad news..It will be replaced on that day itself after the last class at 4pm which means we have to stay back until 6pm!! =.=..And i wake up early for nothing..>.<
Never mind that, I headed back to my room and continue to sleep..haha..Class resumed at 10am..It's supposed to end at 12pm but then the lecturer dragged it for an extra one hour so we finished at 1pm instead..Oh ya, and he gave assignment for the first 4 groups he formed randomly today..Guess what? I am the 1 of the lucky 4 groups..O.O..Rushed to the cafe to have lunch since our next class was at 2pm. After lunch, decided to go back to my room and that was when i realized that i forgot to bring out my room key from my room..=.=
Again, never mind i said to myself. I will go straight to class. PB class was boring as usual and i can't really concentrate on what he is talking about. PB class ended and was continued with PK class. Gosh!! Another assignment is given as expected. This time it's on writing goals.
Once again, STRESS is here!! Assignments coming in all at once with limited time to do it. So many other things to do yet so little time. I think i will go mad..feels just like screaming out loud right now..It's really stressful to be having so many things to do all at once and because of that, i just couldn't put my 100% effort in each of the tasks given.
Seriously, i am so tired right now. Feels like just going to sleep and not do anything..*yawns*..But it's impossible because i still have a lot of things to get done!! Gotta go now..Bye!!

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