Saturday, January 16, 2010

Super loooooong day..phew!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010
Yesterday was such a long day. Longer than the previous two days. Classes started at 8am for four hours. Got back to my room, online and rest a bit while waiting for my dad to come and fetch me. Dad arrived around 1.45pm and we went out for lunch together.
Our stop was at Chong Fatt Cafe at Setapak where we had fish head meehoon. The bowl was HUGE!! Daddy and i shared a bowl where i think i only ate 1/4 of it but i ended up feeling super full!!..XD
By the time we finished lunch, it was about 3pm. Went over to my faculty to pay my fees but in the end, i didn't pay it because the worker there asked me to wait for JPA to bank in my second semester money first..o.O..Initially, Dad & I decided to go to Times Square since we still have about 2 hours to spare. My next class was at 5pm. However, i ended up going to the Art Gallery instead because we are not really familiar around the roads in KL so don't really know where is Times Square..=.=
Anyway, I spent about 1 hour ++ at the art gallery. OMG!! The paintings and drawings there were really beautiful!! The whole journey, my mind was thinking " Wow, that's so beautiful..How did they do that?". I was deeply astonished and at awe looking at those pictures. Whatmore, with the gallery's quiet atmosphere. It was so nice..=)
After that, it was time for my class. I usually don't have class this late on Friday. It just happens that i have replacement class this week..>.<..The class was sooooo boring. It's TITAS so what do you expect right?..haha..Class ended at about 6.30pm ++ and everyone was running like mad to catch the bus ; that was a usual scene everytime TITAS finished..o.O..Luckily, my dad was there so i need not catch the bus..lolz..
Then we went to UM to send my sister some of the things she needed and we had dinner together at one of the hawker stall at SS2. By the time we finished eating, it was already 9pm. Reached home at 10 something..=O..Bathed, online and then sleep. There goes one of the day..=P

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