Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wow..what a long day today!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010
What a long day i had today!! Thank God classes start at 11am today so i am able to sleep longer..haha..XD
After the one hour physiology class, took the bus to the faculty. Went to a vegetarian restaurant for lunch. I ordered Honey sauce Chicken with rice. It actually tasted quite good but it costs me RM5.50!!. o.o...Anyway,it's worth it because I personally quite like it..=)
Today was quite tiring though. Class lasted till almost 7pm. Got back from faculty, went straight to take a bath and had to go for the PAP photo session. It's supposed to start at 8pm but as usual, it started late so it ends at 10 something..>.<..
Got back to my room, ate my dinner or maybe i should call it supper..=.=..Bread, biscuits, ice neslo...That's what filling my stomach now..haha..
Oh ya, did i mention that i have quiz tomorrow? And i haven't finished revising yet..O.O..will try to revise as much as i can with the limited time..Just hope that i will be able to do well tomorrow..=)
Today is a long day..Tomorrow will be a long day as well cause i have classes till 8pm so i need to recharge myself now!! Kla, seriously, i need to study now..Quiz quiz quiz tomorrow!! O.O..wish me luck!!!
* Don't let other people bring you down or make you unhappy! What is more important is to stay true to yourself and be happy!! Ignore those people that would want to make you unhappy!! That's what i learnt today...^^*

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