Monday, February 8, 2010

1 down, 2 to go =)

Monday, February 8, 2010
Yay!! First paper down, only two more to go & then it's the HOLIDAYS!!!! =)
Spent the whole day yesterday reading just anatomy & physiology since I am sitting for that paper today. Hmm...I think I did quite okay..I don't know how well I will score but I know I tried my best..That's all the matters isn't it? So I am feeling kinda satisfied.. ^_^
Anatomy & physiology down, Language Development & Basic Communication Disorders next..=O Honestly, I am quite scared of this two subjects because it is all subjective..>.<
Anyway, still going to try my very best in it. K, bye..I got to go start revising for tomorrow's paper in a while..Ok, maybe after relaxing for a while first.hehe..

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