Tuesday, February 23, 2010

and It's Tuesday already...weeee!!! XD

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
~ see this orange!! big or not? it's so big & it actually tastes quite sweet too...loves =)~
Tuesday is ending..Wednesday is coming & that's the day I am going back to my home sweet home again..awesome!!!!!!!! :D
Today was quite a long day. 3 hours lecture continuous from 9-12pm. Went for lunch & rest for a while then class resumes at 2pm-4pm. After class, stayed back to get my group assignment done until 7pm!! Got back to my room, took my bath & ate my dinner..phew!! what a long day!!
~ here's my lovely dinner..yums!!! =) the rice was too much a portion for me so I only finished all the dish..hehe ~
Talking about eating, I can't stop eating. After dinner, I still munch on the leftover CNY cookies, snacks and mandarin oranges I brought...=.=...For sure, I am going to gain another few kilos if I do this everyday..T_____T
Tomorrow will be another long day but it doesn't matter anymore because I am going home at the end of it..haha..Yay!!!!!!! I guess for my next post, I will be at home already...Awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!! =)

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