Friday, February 19, 2010

Awesomeness =)

Friday, February 19, 2010
Went to JJ Bukit Tinggi again today with my family. Yeah, we watched a movie again..haha..The last trip there, we watched Tiger Woohoo..Today we watched Valentine's Day..I love the movie so much!!! It was simply awesome & fabulous!!! I love the story line..I love the casts..The guys are so hot & handsome..The girls are beautiful..I love them all!!!..haha..Everything is about love...So sweeeeeeeeeeeet...aww!!!! =P
After the movie, we went to Padini Concept Store..I bought a red bag from P&Co...I love it a lot too!! :)))) Then, we went to Nyonya Colours for lunch. The food & desserts were yummy..yums yums yums!! Got back around 5pm ++, took my bath & took a nap because I was feeling rather tired. The nap felt soooooooo good...haha..Slept for about 1 hour ++ & then Daddy woke me up to go for dinner. Went to dinner at a hawker stall, drop by my grandma's house to visit her and now I am home, doing my assignments...>.<

Anyway, today was quite a relaxing day. I enjoyed myself. Awesomeness!!! :D

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