Monday, February 15, 2010

Birthday & CNY ^^

Monday, February 15, 2010
It's been a few days since I last blog..
There are so many things to blog about, tons of photos to upload but I am feeling extra lazy..=P
Ok, so here is what happened these few days..
13 February 2010 = CNY eve = My Birthday
- It was my 20th birthday. Yeah, I am already 20. How fast time pass isn't it?..lolx..Everything was normal. Not much celebration since it was CNY eve. However, I am happy because I got 2 cakes this year ; a fruit cake from my friends & secret recipe's oreo cheese from my family..Yums!! Received tons of wishes from many people & that was already enough for me =) At night, I had my reunion dinner at my grandparents house. We had steamboat this year. Nice & simple..^^ -
14 February 2010 = CNY Day 1 = Valentine's Day
- Woke up at 8 something, had my breakfast, took my bath, wore my new clothes & makeup..hahaha..The first day of CNY was always about having open houses & receiving guests..Some of my father's friends & my neighbor came to visit us..After they went back, my family & I went over to my aunt's place for her open house & then to my grandparents house. Got back around 2 something, watch some TV until I felt so sleepy. Ended up sleeping for 2 hours..=P..At night, again we went to have dinner at my grandparents place & spent some time with my relatives. Hmm..usual tradition..nothing special..=) -
15 February 2010 = CNY Day 2
- Went to my grandparents house ( mother's side) around 11 something. There were lots & lots of food to eat. Rendang, ketupat, fried meehoon, cookies, jelly & the list goes on..lolx..I think I ate quite a lot today..=O..For sure I will gain weight this CNY...>.<...Spent almost the whole day there with my relatives..It was nice^^ -
16 February 2010 = CNY Day 3
- Going to JJ Bukit Tinggi for a movie & green box karaoke..I am excited!!!! :)))))))) -
Well, that's about all for now..Actually, i am feeling lazy to blog so here's a simple update for my readers..haha..Tons of photos to be uploaded but I am feeling extra lazy..Maybe soon..when I am in the mood =P

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