Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CNY Day 3 & 4

Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Cam whoring at green box karaoke =P
Went to JJ Bukit Tinggi for a movie & karaoke with my family & relatives yesterday.
Our show was at 11am so we reached JJ around 10 something to collect our tickets we booked online a few days earlier...As expected, there was a crowd at JJ even though it had just open its door. The cinema & karaoke itself is already occupied with people. Gosh!! The queue was super super long. Luckily, we already bought our tickets so we don't have to queue up like them. Thank God..^^...Well, the movie was ok. For Malaysian standard, I considered it really good already..haha..What more important is I enjoyed myself..That's all that matters..=)
After the movie, we went to green box karaoke. We sang for 3 hours. I sang quite a lot of songs yesterday. It was nice..^^
Got back around 6 something, took a bath & went for dinner with my family & relatives. It was my cousin's birthday as well so we celebrated it for him. Finished dinner around 9 something, went to my relative's house for a get together & stayed there until almost 1am..O.O..That's the end of the third day of CNY..=)
Today was a day I can finally relax. Woke up late in the morning, went for lunch at my grandparents place, got back and start uploading photos from my birthday & CNY. Phew!! It took me almost 2 hours..=O..Around 4 something, I went to visit my aunt's house at Jenjarom. Got back around 5 something to 6, went for dinner with my grandparents place & here I am blogging..hehe..

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