Saturday, February 20, 2010

A day well spent^^

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Went to my aunt's shop for a manicure today. No, my aunt is not a beautician. She is a florist..lolx..I just went to her shop because she called someone to do manicure & pedicure at her shop. Another aunt of mine & my sis did pedicure. I am the only one who did manicure..lolx..It was beautiful!! I love it...hehe..After that, I went to my grandma's house for lunch. My grandma was not feeling well so we brought her to the clinic to see a doctor. Thank God she was okay^^. After lunch, I went to a kopitiam with my mum, my 2 sisters & my aunt for some afternoon tea & chatting. I had orange blended drink. Yums!! It was refreshing =)

Got back around 3.30pm, online and did some of my assignment till 5.30pm. Felt sleepy after that so I took a nap. Woke up around 6.40pm, took my bath & dinner then headed to church for cell group meeting. It was nice to spend some time there sharing with the church members =). Got back around 9.30pm & started doing my assignment again..

Talking about assignment, I suddenly realised that I have to get back to my study life again soon. Going back to KL tomorrow means I need to start my study engine. Assignments, exams, classes...All of these are going to appear in my life again..>.<...Just the thought of it makes me stress & tension..*sigh*..

God, please prepare my heart to go back to my study life. I cannot afford to be lazy & procrastinate anymore. I know that very well but it's always easier said than done...>.<..Wish me luck!!!


suzyDiana said...

so nice (^_^)

Lynette Tan Jen Ni said...

lolx..yeah..that's y i am reluctant to go back..>.<

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