Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Down down down =(

Tuesday, February 9, 2010
Was feeling kinda down the whole night yesterday..
Thought it will get better today..
But then I think rather than getting better, it's getting worse..=(
Spent my whole night reading PB yesterday..
but then the exam today was like "i remember i read this"..
and i just couldn't remember much of it..-___-
Basically, I just wrote what came into my mind whether is right or wrong..>.<
It's so disappointing..haiz..
After the paper, It just makes me feel even down..=_=
Came back, online and then I had a nap..
Woke up & still I don't feel any better...
Everything don't seems to work right this few days...
and I am tired of it...
Thank God tomorrow I don't have exam..
Can at least relax a bit..
More time to revise for my final subject..=)
No exam but I need to present for my psycho assignment..
Hope it will be okay..^^
What's done is done..
No use thinking about it..
Can only hope for the best now..>.<
Kla, gonna start revising for my next paper now..
Hope that my mood will feel better later..


suzyDiana said...

dun be so down lynette!!chayok 4 the next paper..chill baby!!hehe..

Lynette Tan Jen Ni said...

thanks suzy!! u too!! =)

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