Friday, February 5, 2010

Exam is near & the clock is ticking

Friday, February 5, 2010
tick tock tick tock..
The clock is ticking..
Time is passing..
I'm running out of time!!! >.<
I'm feeling scare, nervous, and anxious about my upcoming exam..
It's on Monday and that's only 2 days away..O.O
Here comes my exam blues again..>.<
Every time exam is near, I will feel moody..
I don't feel prepared..
I don't feel confident..
I don't feel like I can do it..
and I hate all these feelings of mine..
I know I am letting it all control me...
Shoo shoo shoo..
Go away all these feelings..
I want to feel prepared..
I want to feel confident..
I know I can do it..
Yes, I can!! =)
Ok, enough of motivating myself..haha..Got to get back to my studies now..Hmm..maybe after a short nap first..=X


B@bY ScORPio said...

yeah..u can do it..just did ur best..try ur here..^^

Lynette Tan Jen Ni said...


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