Thursday, February 11, 2010

A great & awesome day =)

Thursday, February 11, 2010
Just came back from Times Square about 1 hour plus ago..Really enjoyed shopping with my course mates & meeting with 2 of my close matrix friends today...^^...Carole & Shao Yie had been 2 of my closest friend when I am in matrix..It's been a while since we last met so getting to meet & spend some time with them today was simply awesome =)..Although the time was short, but it's better than none isn't it?..lolz..
Finally, I bought the sweater I am been eyeing on since my last trip to TS. I almost decided not to buy it because the price was kinda expensive I think but then in the end, I decided to buy it..ahaha..It was a right decision coz I am starting to like it more and more now :D
Tada!!! This is the sweater I bought just now..Cute isn't it??..hehe
Phew!!! Finally, exam is over. Yesterday night was simply stressful coz I had a hard time understanding what I am studying. I was so worried about today's paper but in the end, I think I did quite okay..I don't know how much I am going to score in that paper but I know I already tried my best in it so I am just satisfied =)
Will be going back to my home sweet home tomorrow which is great!!!!..The next day will be my birthday & CNY eve which makes it super awesome...hehe..Haven pack my things yet though...lolz...Might be going out with my hometown friends for my pre-birthday celebration tomorrow night..haha..I am just feeling so excited..^^...Can't wait to be back home..
Kla, got to go pack my things already...Starting from today onwards, I am just going to relax until the holidays BYE!!!!!! ^^

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