Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy =) ♥

Wednesday, February 3, 2010
I'm feeling quite happy today but I don't really have a solid reason for it..lolz..
Went to the faculty in the morning today because there was a photography session for our course..We are required to wear coat for our formal photos..Gosh! The coat was kinda big in size & I feel so hot wearing it..I ended up sweating all over..O.O..Anyway, the candid session was kinda fun..We laughed so much seeing all our coursemates with different materials..Some wore hat, clown hair, took a gun, sword..etc..It was nice..I'm sure everyone had fun just now..^^
After the photography session, went to the vegetarian restaurant outside the faculty to have lunch. The food taste pretty good. It costs me RM 3.40 which I think is quite reasonable & worth it..^^
It was a typical Wednesday..After lunch, we went for Pengurusan Emosi class & next, TITAS class. As usual, it was boring..>.<
Got back around 7pm just now..Took my bath, relax and here am I blogging..lolz..Having discussion with my study group at 9pm later..Hope that we can all learn & gain something through the discussion today..^^
I just feel great & happy today..Partly because I saw "him" a few times I guess..lolz..I think I laughed quite a lot today & that makes me feel good..=)
Don't know what to blog about today so I just simply come up with a post..haha...I just couldn't tell you why I am feeling happy because even myself have no idea why...lolx..=P

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