Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm back :)

Sunday, February 28, 2010
Hello Malaysia!!! I am back!!! :)
Just got back from Hatyai, Thailand a few hours ago & here I am blogging.
See, I am so good..ahaha =P
The trip was awesome!!! Everything was feel with awesomeness..lolx..I had fun & enjoyed myself quite a lot there & I am actually not prepared to come back yet..>.<
So many things to blog about the trip & photos to be uploaded but it won't be today lah. Just got back only..very tired ler..By the way, I got back straight to my hostel from Thailand..Didn't even went home so I left my cable at home..In conclusion, you all have to wait till the weekends before you all can see my photos..lolx..XP
Finally, it's all over. Been looking forward to the trip a few weeks ago & now it's over. How fast time pass..Now, it's time to get back to study life again..>.<
Kla..going to sleep earlier tonight to restore all my energy. Come tomorrow, I have to start facing my books again!!!! >.<

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