Monday, February 1, 2010

It's February, the month of ♥!!! :D

Monday, February 1, 2010
Yay!!! February, the month of love is here!!! I love this month because there is simply a lot of things for me to look forward to except exams of cause..=.=..I can say that I am pretty occupied for the whole February because I have something on every week..lolz..
My February started with a holiday which is great!! Tomorrow, 2/2 will be my parents' wedding anniversary but unfortunately I won't be there to celebrate for them..*sigh*..The whole week this week will be dedicated solely to studying and assignments..Basically, just stuffs that involves studies more..=)..Exam coming next week, I have to start working smart & hard towards it..Time to push the study button ON!! No more procrastinating & being lazy..=X
2nd week of February, I will be having my 2nd semester mid-sem exam. It will last for 3 days that are Monday, Tuesday & Thursday. No exams on Wednesday but will be having presentation for my psycho assignment. After Thursday, I will be free :). Going back on 12/2,Friday and then the next day, it will be my birthday & CNY eve!!!..lolz..
3rd week of February will be CNY holidays week!! A week dedicated solely for celebration and relaxation..hehe..XD..Looking forward to wear all the new clothes i bought..^^
Last but not least, will be going to Hatyai, Thailand for a vacation on the 4th week of February. Will be departing from Malaysia at 9pm on Thursday,25/2 and will only be back on Sunday :D.

Love is in the air this month. So people, spread the love!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥


mira z said...

i want a vacation 2!!!

Lynette Tan Jen Ni said...

lolz..then go on a vacation too!! :P

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