Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Monday :)

Monday, February 22, 2010
So, it's Monday today..
Everything went perfectly well..
2 hours anatomy class in the morning but it actually finished much earlier which was great =)..
Clinical management class at 3pm was cancelled which was great too..lolx..
Psychology class at 5.30pm..I finished presenting before CNY so going to class today was relaxing..^^
I should be having my study mood ON this 3 days but I guess I am still in my holiday mood after all..haha...The only thing in my mind now is my trip to Thailand...I am feeling super duper excited now..=P..The last trip there I was not even in kindergarten yet so I don't really remember my trip there back then..So that explains why I am so looking forward to this trip! XP
2 more days and I will be home packing my things, preparing to go..Just the thought of it make me so happy & excited..lolx..Okay, enough of this...I have to go read my anatomy notes now or else I will feel guilty for not studying the whole week!!..haha..bye! :)

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