Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just a few more days....=)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
No exams today which is great..
But I have psycho presentation..
Basically, I think I kind of screwed up the presentation..-__-
My mind went blank, thinking of what to say next when it's my turn...-_- x 2
It's been a few days yet my mood is still not getting any better..
I have been asking myself..Why?
What is wrong with me? Why am i feeling so down these days?
I think I know for sure why but I just don't feel like talking about it..
I am so tired of it already so I am just gonna let it pass..
Will be sitting for my final paper tomorrow..KKA..
There is still a lot to revise on & I only have today to finish them all..>.<
Never mind that, I am just feeling excited tomorrow minus the exam part of cause..-_-
I'm going to meet 2 of my close matrix friends at Times Square tomorrow...
Can't wait to meet & spend time with them..
I really miss them a lot!! and I am sure they miss me a lot too!! Ahaha..XD
2 more days..Yeah..just 2 more days and I will be going back to my home sweet home..It's been a while & I miss my family a lot!! From today onwards, I will be reminding myself..2 more days to go home..3 more days to my Birthday!!!!!! hehe..=)


mira z said...

oredi miss ur family??
i misss them more..havent met them since sembreak~~:((

Lynette Tan Jen Ni said...

Nvm..only a few more days left & we will be back..=)

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