Saturday, February 6, 2010

Of today and yesterday...

Saturday, February 6, 2010
Yesterday I had my English info sharing. We are required to talk for 4 minutes about our articles & 3 minutes for a Q&A session. I think I did okay so I am satisfied..tee hee =)
Then, I had TITAS replacement class at 5pm. It was boring as usual..>.<..The class ended around 6.45pm almost 7pm and my course mates & I headed straight to Lot 10 using the monorail. We reached Lot 10 around 7 something & went to Shabu One steamboat buffet restaurant for our CNY reunion dinner..lolz..
It costs each of us RM22 & personally, I think it's quite worth it although I didn't eat much except the desserts..lolz..There was lots and lots of food for the steamboat & the best thing is it's unlimited!!! wee!!! XD I had a lot of fun & I really enjoyed myself yesterday night..It feels great to have a gathering like this..Looking forward to more in the future..^^
Well, what to say about today?..hmmm..let me think..
Set my alarm at 11.30am today but I got up 1 hour earlier..Plan to continue sleeping but then I can't so I woke up..Online for a while, did some psycho assignment and then went down for lunch with my friend...
Got back to my room when it's almost 1pm..Studied a bit..Online a online again..That's basically how my day goes today..ahahaha..Until now, I am doing that..=.=
I think I did study quite a lot today yet I don't feel like I remembered or understand most of it..=.=...Oh no, exam is on Monday. Am I prepared for it? I don't know. I just know that I have to be..>.<

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