Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pre Birthday Celebration @ Green Box =)

Saturday, February 13, 2010
~ hmm..who is this?...haha..( playing with the birthday hat I got from Green Box )~
~ tada!! and this is him!! haha..XD ~
~my birthday cake :) ~
~ with the girls ~ ~ with the God of Prosperity...haha..funny!!..~ ~ group pic ~
~ with the guys ~
Went to Green Box Karaoke at JJ Bukit Tinggi yesterday night for my pre-birthday celebration. The rate was quite expensive since we went at night but since I'm the birthday girl, my expenses were all covered by my friends.. lolx..Thanks a lot you all!! :)))
Actually there are more photos but I'm lazy to upload it all here..lolz..So here's just a few for a quick update =)...Lazy to blog too so I will be posting more photos these few days..Well, picture speaks a thousand words right? =P
Going over to my grandparents' place for reunion dinner later. We will be having steamboat & then I will be cutting my 2nd cake..haha..More photos to be uploaded later here so stay tuned!!! =P Bye!!

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