Friday, March 19, 2010

Busy me = tired me

Friday, March 19, 2010
Been really busy these 2 days...Classes in the morning,afternoon and evening and was continued with ESZ Closing Ceremony rehearsal at night yesterday. As expected, there comes more & more assignments again. What's worse, we only have 2 weeks to get it all done..>.<..Got back to my room only at 12 something in the morning and went straight to bed. Was really tired by then.
Today, woke up as early at 7am to prepare for English class at 8am. Was really reluctant to get up. I just feel like getting back to sleep coz I am really tired. However, I forced myself to wake up..*sigh*..My group did a mock presentation today. It was funny but with lots of mistakes and got many comments from the lecturer. We seriously have a lot of work to do to improve it before the final presentation next week!! o.O After that, went straight for the ESZ rehearsal again!!! Just got back a while ago for some rest time. I have to go down for rehearsal again at 2pm..haissss...>.<
Won't be free the whole day today. Having rehearsal the whole day until the actual program at night. I guess I will only be back at midnight...=O
I really can't wait for today to end soon. I want to rest and have my own time...>.<
*I am still not in a very good mood. There are still a lot of things that is on my mind right now. Maybe..just maybe I should share it with someone..*

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