Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 1 at Hatyai,Thailand

Friday, March 5, 2010
Finally, here is my first post about my trip to Thailand. Have you been waiting for it?..lolx..XD..My family, relatives,friends & I departed from Malaysia around 9 something to 10 at night on the 25th of Feb. We went there using a 28 seater coach bus. The journey took about 7-8 hours. Although the bus was comfortable, many of us didn't manage to sleep much. Maybe we were all too excited..haha
We reached Hatyai early in the morning. After getting through the customs, we stopped by a shop for breakfast. I had ice milo & bah kut teh & a half-boiled egg. The bah kut teh tasted slightly different from what we had in Malaysia. I rated it so-so. However, I found the half-boiled egg to be quite special not because of the taste but because it's in a small glass!! In Malaysia, it's usually in a small coffee plate. We don't put in a glass so I found it kinda unique..lolx..
After that, we went to a temple for some sight-seeing & to take photos. The view was quite nice but the weather was so hot! I saw a cute dog at the temple road & decided to take photo with it but then it ran away -_____-
Here are some delicacies we found there. From left above is cheese-flavoured potato twist. It was yummy!! Beside it was actually ice-cream cubes. It's somewhat like potong ice-cream we had in Malaysia. From left below, it's actually ice-cream too but it's mixed with all sorts of things such as sweet potato,pieces of bread,peanuts & condensed milk. I would say it is not bad. I kinda like it :). Ok, now can you guess what is actually inside the coconut shell? No,it's not normal coconut water. It's actually bird nest boiled with coconut. Special right? lolx..It was so delicious. I just love it so much and it costs 500 baht = RM 50..=X
Here's our first lunch at Hatyai. Of cause, there was tom yam soup, the must have when you are in Thailand. It was quite spicy though. The dishes were quite normal like what we Chinese would have back in Malaysia so nothing interesting here. Anyway, I personally liked the asam fish quite a bit :)
At night, we went to a club to watch "AQUA SHOW". In other words, transexual show..haha..I went once last time but I was a kid then so I don't really remember anything..haha..
The show was quite awesome. The costumes, stage background, lighting...etc were really beautiful.
After the show, we got the chance to take photos with them but must pay money as tips one. Actually, we saw some really beautiful ones. Plan to take photo with them but then don't know where they went so we simply choose a few..haha..XD
After the "aqua show", we boarded a tut-tut to a club called Kiss Channel. There's a live band there every night I guess. My aunt went there before during her last trip to Thailand. She say it was quite nice so she brought us there. Well, I have never gone clubbing before so it was my first time. The band was quite good. The men were hot, the women were sexy & beautiful. Phewit!!..lolx..I enjoyed myself that night but I found the music a tad too loud. When I come out from the club, I felt like I am half deaf =X.
We stayed there until about 2 something then headed back to our hotel to sleep. So,that's what happen on my 1st day at Hatyai. Stay tuned for my next post about my 2nd day soon!! Happy reading :)

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